Balance your body and mind

Healthier Choice For A Healthier You

Change your mindset around food, get educated on nutrition and on how your body works, create new healthy habits and experiences and never deprive yourself again.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Flexitarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Low carb etc.

Healthy Lunch ideas

Flexitarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Low carb etc.

Healthy dinner ideas

Flexitarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Low carb etc.

What We Offer

Nutrition Counselling

One to one nutrition councelling tailored to your needs.

Health Balance

You will get the best and most effective advice on how to have a balanced lifestyle with plenty of rest, exercise and nutritious and functional foods that improve your overall health.

Weight loss/gain/maintenance

You will be fully guided to achieve your nutritional goals by getting the best and most updated information on nutrition science.

Personal Coacing

Our purpose is to coach you in a friendly and gentle manner and help accomplish your goals.

First Hand Advice

You will receive direct guidance and communication and will never feel neglected or lost during the process.

About Dietine

We Are The Best Diet Nutrition Adviser

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We Can Help You

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Free 20 mins initial consultation over the phone or Zoom meeting. 

Our benefits

Why Choose Us

Because we have a completely holistic and gentle approach and can support with changing your mindset around food, dieting and lifestyle.

Nutrition Strategies

Get the best advice on how to organize yourself around food and emotional eating.

Healthy Diet

You will receive the most updated information on nutrition and how to fix your diet.

Diet coaching

Our programs focus on coaching and guiding you through your nutrition journey.

Balance your Body & Mind

Balance your diet, your body and your lifestyle.

Try For Free

A Holistic Way To Nourish Your Body & Mind!

Ready For Health

Educate yourself on nutrition

Our program focuses a lot on educating clients on nutrition and healthy eating and changing their mindset around food.

Nutritional Food
Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy Diet
Regular Exercise

Natural Life Better

Improving Health By Inspiring Healthy Living

The Weight loss story

The Mediterranean diet

The properties of pomegranate

One off fee

£70/ Online Consultation

Package offer

£600/ 10 online consultations

Special offers/ discount

We offer special price for:

  • Mothers with young children (0-5ys old)
  • Unemployed
  • Students and individuals with low income can have a further discount on sessions.

Please contact me to discuss your situation. 


Our Clients Say

    Katerina Ioannou

    Yogaloom founder

    Illona has been my first and best point of contact when it comes to nutritional and supplement advise. She has been a trustful and knowledge advisor that has Taylor the perfect plan for me. She keeps studying and always been updated with any news as involving daily. I would strongly recommend her to anybody that is looking not only to lose weight but to get healthier and stronger.

      Hazel Dawson
      Hazel Dawson

      Managing Director