Greek herbs


Greek herbs

Origanum dictamnus, the dittany of Crete, Cretan dittany

I love herbs and especially those that are coming from beautiful Greece: such as oregano, sage, mountain tea, thyme, dittany, chamomile, marjoram, etc.

Today I will talk more about Dittany which is an endemic plant found in Crete and has a very strong smell and taste. It is located on steep cliffs at an altitude of about 1400 meters and its collection is quite difficult. It is a hairy plant with a velvety texture.

Dittany is commonly used for:

Pain relief for headache and toothache

As a sedative of the digestive system (stomach ache, colitis)

As a sedative for the flu and the common cold

Contributes as prevention and treatment of circulatory and heart problems

Wound healing. Recommended for removing germs from the oral cavity and fighting bad breath and recommended also for some skin diseases

Interesting facts about dittany!

In antiquity it was known as a panacea for many ailments, mainly wound healing.

Dittany was dedicated to the goddess Artemis because they believed that it promotes childbirth, who carried a wreath of dittany on her head.

It was also considered as an herb of love and youth enhancing sexual arousal.

In the Middle Ages dittany was used in the digestive liqueur Benedictine

It has been also observed that the wild goats of Crete when they are injured often eat dittany to be treated.

In fact, in antiquity the dittany was considered capable of rejecting bows from wounded bodies. More specifically, if the animals were injured and the arrow remained on their body, they ate dittany and this immediately fell.

In fact, many ancient writers refer to it.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, refers to it in his work The History of Animals (612a4):
“Wild goats in Crete are said, when wounded by arrow, to go in search of dittany, which is supposed to have the property of ejecting arrows in the body.”

Which are your favourite herbs?

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About Illona

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